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Hello thanks for visiting GoodFTA! If you have paid for access please check the PAYPAL E-mail address you used when you signed up with PAYPAL. We have sent you details on how to select a User Name and a Password.

Some users did not get this automatic Email because you are an existing PAYPAL user and the E-Mail address you use is not the Email address you currently use for your every day E-mail. If you do not receive our Automatic E-Mail that we sent you, please send us a message to support@goodfta.com and tell us the following information: What was the EMAIL Address that is associated with your PAYPAL account and what login and password you would like for your forum account.

We Set up all accounts MANUALLY, so it is important that you reply to our E-Mail so we can setup your account.

If you have not paid for access yet, but wish to, please visit our webpage at http://www.goodfta.com and read up on the products and services that we offer!


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